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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is integrative


Do you relate with either of the following…

”I feel lost and hopeless, and have no idea what to do to get my life back” What do I eat? What supplements should I take? How do I regain my energy? What information should I listen to?



I feel like I know the things I should be doing to improve my health, but I have a really hard time sticking to them” I know I feel better when I exercise, but I don’t have time! Sleep makes my symptoms improve, but I just have too many things to do.  I’m too tired to clean my house.


Coaching addresses both the WHAT and the HOW. It’s about learning the right tools for you AND learning how to practically apply them to your life.

Integrative health coaching facilitates the process of bridging the gap between not knowing what to do to feel better, or what we know we should probably be doing for our wellbeing, and actually doing it to create a lasting habit.  

By forming a partnership, you will feel empowered and supported in achieving your personal goals related to your optimal health.

What does a coaching session look like?

During each coaching session, we will work together to:

ELICIT a vision: We will explore what is most important to you in life and what you want your health and wellbeing for. Our values translated to action, lead to lasting change.

FOCUS: We will integrate 7 core areas that affect your health and wellbeing-how you would rate your satisfaction with them currently and which areas you’re ready to enhance.


PLAN and TAKE ACTION: After uncovering where you’re ready to start making change, we will thoroughly personalize a plan around YOUR life, schedule, commitments, and realities.  We will go in depth with strategies and ways to anticipate possible challenges to help you be successful.

Together we may:

  • Build an anti-inflammatory food plan tailored to your specific condition and lifestyle

  • Create a calendar of how to implement exercise into your busy schedule

  • Learn stress reduction techniques such as short and easy breathing techniques to help you when you are feeling pain

Why would I

hire a health coach?

Experience and Expertise+ Accountability and Support

Coaching works with you as a whole, individual, unique person-addressing all core areas that influence your health and wellbeing. No templates or cookie-cutter plans!  Autoimmune conditions in particular are highly individualized. You deserve to be heard, and treated with respect.


YOU are in charge of your health and wellbeing-I will ask powerful questions that facilitate the process to maximize your potential for success. You have the innate power to heal yourself.


I will share with you a wealth of knowledge in lifestyle and integrative approaches for optimal health and wellbeing. You will receive valuable tools and resources to implement and start feeling better right away, while building a foundation for lifelong change.

What will I gain by working with a coach?

Increased energy, less pain, more happiness, better moods, improved sleep, more vitality, better job performance, stronger relationships, enhanced libido, a more organized life, more money, longevity, reduced symptoms, more control of your health, realization of your dreams, being able to do the things you want to do in life, slow the progression of your disease and mitigate others, lasting healthy behaviors... that's true abundance!


As your coach, I promise to:

  • partner with you in achieving your personal goals to improve your health and wellness

  • be fully present with each encounter we have

  • recognize your innate wisdom and healing potential within you

  • meet you where you are on your journey, without judgement

  • enter each session as a facilitator, not as an expert (that’s you!)

  • Emphasize self-care and self-empowerment

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