Environment and IBD

The way I look at it is, since I have Crohn’s Disease I want to do everything I possibly can to optimize my health, the function of my organs and cells, my immune system, and my detoxification pathways. My body is fighting hard enough every day to deal with inflammation and autoimmunity. I want to minimize the risk of other diseases, and support my overall health.

That’s when I think about my environment. The places I spend my time, what I breathe, put in my body, and on my skin. Chemicals in our environment and in our products have been shown to impact most systems in our body: blood and immune system, lungs, cardiovascular system, thyroid, brain, liver, kidney, bone, and skin.

Here is a key list of compounds to avoid:

Pesticides, phthalates, nuclear radiation, PCBs, chemotherapy, manufacturers for rubber and acrylics, radon, UV, benzene, asbestos, silica, dioxins, PAHs, Air pollution, mold, organic chemicals, radon, cigarettes, arsenic, cystalline silica, asbestos, coa