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Holiday Eating Tips for Crohn's and Colitis

Instead of eating a holiday food you KNOW will trigger your symptoms…

🙏 Ask to cook or bake something yourself rather than feeling like you HAVE to eat what others made

🥘 Adapt the recipe! There are so many food substitutions and amazing recipes out there that can suit your needs. You can still enjoy traditional recipes!

😄 Be up front. Tell your friends and family what you need. Ultimately, they want you to feel good and enjoy the holidays, so people pleasing isn’t going to benefit you or them

💪 Be prepared. Buy drinks and snacks you enjoy and know are safe, just in case.


It’s possible that eating the food and having symptoms is worth it.

Ask yourself: “will eating this food have a net positive or a net negative effect?”. Meaning, if all things considered, eating the food is more positive than negative, go ahead and enjoy!

Make sure to ask yourself this BEFORE you are hungry and staring at the food 😉

Some holiday recipes I have LOVED this year:


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