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Movement and IBD

Movement and physical activity can be a tricky thing with IBD…

Too much and I’m overly fatigued, too little and my tummy hurts or I feel tense. Do the wrong kind during a flare and I’m down for the count.

I’m historically a very active person. Dancing and training 5 days a week, running, strength training, teaching dance and yoga.

Living with a chronic illness or going through flare ups has caused me to have to adjust the amount and type of movement I do at different times.

I find it helps me to redefine MOVEMENT. Movement does not equal exercise. Movement does not only mean going to the gym and lifting weights, or running a marathon.

Movement can also be sitting on a medicine ball while you work, reaching down to your toes a few times a day, taking the stairs, and playing with your kids.

So I encourage you to think of increasing general movement (anything other than sitting), and whatever that movement is, let it be what you need at that very moment.

In a flare?: go for gentle, less strenuous movements with frequent rest periods and a shorter duration.

WHY? You may be well aware of the benefits of exercise: maintaining healthy body composition, building stronger bones, heart and muscles, reducing risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer, enhances mood, decreases depression and anxiety, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases confidence, boosts immune system, improves sleep, and so much more!

If you have trouble navigating what type of exercise to do or how much, or can’t seem to make movement a part of your daily life, I’d love to support you. Click on the link in bio to schedule a discovery session!


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