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Movement Tips for Crohn's and Colitis

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Remember that your body is working very hard and doing it’s very best. You are a warrior, always fighting, and your body is trying to take care of you. You are NOT lazy for not being able to do as much as others. Please remember this always! 🥰

I remember times when I've been so weak I couldn’t even stand up in the shower. Just walking to the other end of the house was absolutely exhausting.

However, I’ve also had lots of moments of feeling strong and energetic. That’s one upside of an autoimmune disease; we go through flare ups AND remission.

Here are the main lessons I’ve learned about exercise and movement over the 22 years I’ve had Crohn’s:

→ Be gentle with yourself if you can’t do as much as you normally can. It’s only temporary

→ Listen to your body EVERY DAY as your needs may change that quickly. You may have to change your plans or routine and IT’S OK!

→ When in a flare, go for slower and more relaxing movement like walks in nature or gentle stretching (or nothing at all!)

→ Get the most bang for your buck: doing a workout that you hate ADDS more stress. Find movement you love, do it with people you love, do it in a beautiful place, and do it with your healthy future self in mind to reap the most benefits.

→ hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

→ rest, rest, rest in between!

Always check with your doctor about starting a new exercise routine. if you are unsure of how to go about physical activity, I can help.


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