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My Life is Better than Before IBD

My life is better than before IBD because...

IBD has empowered me to learn about nutrition

IBD has helped me be more empathetic towards others

IBD has taught me how to prioritize my health

IBD reminds me to never take my health for granted

IBD has made me more resilient

To say life after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or Colitis is different is an understatement. Some clients I’ve talked to, and myself included, have felt a complete loss of identity at times

It may be hard to understand the concept of life ever being “better than before” IBD...

I’ve experienced that this is true, and it is what I wish for all of my clients

Through my nurtured coaching program you will receive:

💪 Individualized autoimmune nutrition and knowledge of your trigger foods

💪Confidence navigating relationships and social situations with a chronic illness

💪A personalized playbook during a flare

💪Lifestyle practices to enhance your wellbeing and be more productive

💪Tools to improve sleep and energy

If you are worried, isolated, confused, or feeling a lack of sense of self since your diagnosis, reach out for support!

Sign up for a discovery call right now!


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