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Structure Over Restriction

What should I eat with IBD?...

That food didn’t bother me yesterday, why am I so sick today?...

I heard the (insert unresearched diet) can help IBD, should I try it?...

I’m so scared of trying new foods...

These are only a few examples from a long list of questions and concerns those of us with IBD have around food

Choosing what to eat can 👏 STRESS 👏 ME 👏 OUT

We’re taught to find our trigger foods and avoid them (which I agree with), but it’s not always that simple. And as the list of trigger foods grows longer, eating (and life) can become very restrictive

So to decrease stress, I focus on building structure

Finding structure feels more empowering than feeling restricted and confined

Instead of just hyperfocusing on what to eat, I focus on…

How I eat: slowly, thoroughly, mindfully, gratefully

Why I eat: I am grateful to be alive and food will nourish me to keep doing what I love

When I eat: Consistently. Period. I’m a hangry human if I go too long without food, which doesn’t help anything

Being prepared: My husband calls me a squirrel because I ALWAYS have half eaten protein bars in my purse. If I’m out and about, I don’t want to have to grab fast food that I know I’ll regret later. I also meal prep each and every week

Being patient and flexible: Over time I’ve found my main trigger foods. Sometimes the list is longer, so I adjust. Be patient with learning this new way of living, and always remain flexible for when flare ups strike

Making healthy choices: Instead of drooling at my friend’s piece of pizza and feeling sorry for myself, I order what will make me healthy, happy and energetic. Take the power away from the things you can’t have and focus your thoughts on how much better off you’ll be in the long run.

Eating may never be the same as it was before being diagnosed with IBD

Empower yourself by focusing your energy and thoughts TOWARDS what you can control, and AWAY from restriction

Need some support with this? I'm here for you!


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