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What I Eat While Pregnant with Crohn's Disease

Managing my symptoms through diet has been a huge part of my life since I was diagnosed at 13. I’ve pretty much had my diet dialed in. But adding in pregnancy symptoms like nausea and fatigue, and increased nutrition requirements has been a whole new challenge!

Here are things I make sure to consume most every day, while allowing myself some grace to eat what sounds good. All of these items are also fantastic considerations for flare ups, IBD symptoms, or general health maintenance.

Eggs: From everything I’ve read, eggs are one of the best things you can eat during pregnancy (IF you can tolerate them) due to high amounts of protein, amino acids, and in particular choline which is good for baby’s brain. You can supplement with liquid choline if you are intolerant to eggs or are vegan

Greens: Even if it doesn’t sound appetizing, most days I aim for at least 2 cups of veggies at 2 meals per day (MINIMUM!). I have a greens powder to drink if I just can’t stomach eating them (which also is helpful if you’re having a hard time digesting vegetables)

Protein: protein needs increase with pregnancy so I’ve been focusing each meal around larger portions of protein than I normally would. Protein powder most mornings, lots of fish, and grass-fed/organic meats. I have enjoyed snacking on jerky (gluten-free) and meat sticks too, as I feel hungry about every 2 hours! Quality/sourcing is important here. I personally feel best when I get about 30% of my macros from protein

Electrolytes: Very important to stay on top of hydration due to increased needs in pregnancy (and if you are having frequent loose stools). I have been loving drinking one Ultima Replenisher with 16 oz water every day

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