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Worried? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Try ZIZO


Depending on your situation, choose to ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT

ZOOM IN : When you feel overwhelmed and panicked about the past/future or something out of your control → focus on something in the present moment. Something that is right in front of you or what you are experiencing in your senses.

What to do:

-Notice your senses: What colors do you see, what do you smell, what do you hear?

-Look out a window or go outside

-What’s the next thing you need to do today? Shift focus to a simple task

ZOOM OUT: when you feel challenged in the present moment. When you need to do something that is hard or you get uncomfortable (Going to the dentist, public speaking, watching the news)

What to do:

-Ask: What’s the bird’s eye view here? Will this matter in 5 years?

-Imagine your favorite place on earth. Take your brain for a little trip

-Think of 5 people you are grateful for and send them well wishes

You may know these techniques already, but knowing which to do when has helped me in a lot of situations!

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or worried? I’m here to help. Schedule a Discovery Call right now so we can connect!

Credit to Amit Sood, MD for ZIZO


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