You Need This Program If...

  • You are newly diagnosed and feel lost

  • You are sick of pretending to be fine in front of family and friends when you are actually suffering

  • You are looking for support from someone who can relate to your symptoms and feelings

  • You are SO ready to stop fighting and gain control of your life

  • You feel, well...GROSS! And you want to feel beautiful again

Personal Coaching

If you are READY for change and are committed to taking action NOW,

I offer a 6-month coaching program


All sessions are on Zoom for your safety and convenience!

Better Than Before

6-month Integrative Coaching Program

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions

    • One, 90-minute intake session

    • All subsequent sessions are 55-minutes


  • Direct access to me Monday-Friday via e-mail or text to ask questions, celebrate successes, or allow time to work through difficult situations in between sessions. 

  • Loads of resources, handouts, references, and expert tips ​

"Leslie has that special combination of knowledge and compassion that makes working with her feel like a gift, not a chore. She took time to really delve into the behavior patterns that were causing my health issues and made a plan that addressed mind and spirit as well as body.  I highly recommend those that are looking for deep integrative change to partner with her! "

YOU are in charge of your health and wellbeing; in our work together I will ask powerful questions that facilitate the process to maximize your potential for success.  You will receive valuable educational resources, handouts, customized plans and referrals tailored to your needs.

It’s about behavior change, LASTING behavior change. We often know what we need to do, but it’s the DOING IT that’s the hard part, right? That’s where coaching comes in!  Integrative health coaching bridges the gap between not knowing what to do to feel better, or what we know we should probably be doing for our wellbeing,

and actually doing it to create a lasting habit.  

By forming a partnership, you will feel empowered and supported in achieving your personal goals related to your optimal health.  

With each session, you will

  • Be more clear and confident by becoming more and more of an expert on yourself, learning your triggers and your strengths, what beliefs and patterns may be keeping you stuck, and what you need to do to create the life you want.

  • Receive tools and resources that provide knowledge and support for your journey that provide life-long transformation.

  • Enhance every area of your life by examining the seven core areas of health: nutrition, sleep, resiliency, relationships, movement, environment, and spirituality.

Are you suffering from fatigue, pain, or

emotional instability?  Are your job, relationships, and productivity suffering?


Your lifestyle could slowly be

wearing you down and making you sick.


Find out if your lifestyle needs to be redesigned with this short quiz.

Leslie Conzemius, R.N.

Integrative Health Coach