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Expectations vs. Reality Living with an Autoimmune Disease

Expectations vs. reality...

Can be frustrating when symptoms and flare ups get in the way of plans, events, in general

How I adjust expectations living with an autoimmune disease:

👉 I really thrive on having a workout schedule planned for the week

I'll plan a less intense form of exercise or time to rest (still a plan!)

👉 There’s nothing I love more than eating dinner with friends

→ at the last dinner I was at with friends I didn’t have the quesadillas that everyone else had. I prepared something else yummy I could enjoy and share with others! They loved the chocolate chia pudding for dessert!

👉 I love filling my calendar with weekend getaways, dance performances, hikes and brunch with the girls

I just have to be ok with cancelling because of what’s most important (hint: health!). I'll get to do those things another time when I’m feeling better

👉 I love working and spending my hard earned money on trips, skin care and cool experiences

I choose to plan financially for medical bills and medications so I never have to worry about money in an emergency situation

👉 I love say yes to every invitation-weddings, parties, bar mitzvah’s etc ( pre covid)

→ I can’t show up and expect that the caterer knows my dietary needs. So I eat before hand and pack snacks in my purse 😉 #squirrel

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with a chronic disease for years, issues of expectations vs. reality will always pop up. So instead of avoiding life all together, adjust!

I hope these few suggestions are helpful to you too!


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