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Why You're Stressed Even if You Don't Feel Stressed

“But I don’t FEEL stressed”

I hear this all the time, but when we dig a little deeper, there absolutely is stress present

We tend to think of stress as in acute when you have a tight work deadline or have an oral presentation coming up

We really need to expand our understanding of stress…

Why? Because stress impacts every system of our body. Especially if it’s chronic. If you are experiencing any sort of symptom, disease, or dysfunction, it’s important to examine all types of stress

Besides that deadline or feared speaking engagement, let’s look at other forms of stress:

  • Mental and emotional stress

  • Eating the wrong diet for your body’s need

  • Blood sugar regulation problems

  • Food sensitivities and allergies

  • Over or undereating

  • Over or under exercising

  • Hidden parasites/bacteria/viruses/fungi

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Prescription and over the counter medications, drugs, chemicals, etc

  • Environmental stressors such as EMFs, pollution, radiation

  • Physical/biomechanical problems such as injuries, nerve compression, or surgery

We can work together to identify and mitigate your personal hidden stressors that could be contributing to your symptoms/disease/dysfunction. Even if you don’ t “feel stressed”, mitigating these factors can absolutely help your body function optimally!


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