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Three Ways to Improve Gut Health Everyday

Whether you have IBD or not, these 3 tips change the game

#1 - Avoid foods that cause symptoms:

You know eating dairy makes you bloated and sluggish (or worse), but you think, “I can live with it!”. It’s important to understand that repeatedly having offending foods may do more harm internally than just the symptoms you’re temporarily experiencing. Some of these foods may damage the gut lining, activate the immune system, and trigger inflammation

#2 - Get adequate sleep:

Getting a good night's sleep isn’t only for energy the next day. Adequate sleep and rest is actually CRUCIAL for gut health. Melatonin, the sleep hormone, helps maintain our gut microbiome, and deficiencies have been linked to intestinal permeability associated with many autoimmune conditions and more.

#3 - Eat in a relaxed state:

Eating when stressed can cause and contribute to short term digestive upset AND longer term impacts on the GI tract. First of all, stress can slow or speed up the movement of food through your system causing constipation/bloating/gas or diarrhea. Eating rushed and not chewing thoroughly affects the enzymes needed to breakdown food properly. Stress affects the balance of good and bad gut ba

cteria, which is related to our immune system function. Lastly, stress increases hormones such as cortisol and insulin, affecting weight, fat storage, hunger, and more.

I can take you through specific and science based strategies to help with each one of these.

We will keep it simple, and focus on improving just these 3 things. I bet you will experience the immediate relief, and benefit from the long term impacts!

Set up a discovery call to learn how to do these 3 simple steps to improve your gut health.


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