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Give From Your Saucer...

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Creating a life of abundance is being able to give from your saucer, not your cup…

Imagine you are a tea cup on a saucer.

Abundance looks like your cup is overflowing on to the saucer. But when we constantly give, give, give--whether to job or family demands, people pleasing tendencies, or the ever-increasing modern day demands--our saucer and our cup runs dry. For us, that leads to flare-ups, fatigue, relapses, pain, and (insert your other slew of symptoms here).

You need to fill what’s in your cup first!

Even to the point of overflow. We then can serve from the saucer, the overflow: feel vibrant and energetic, thrive in our work and relationships, and actualize our dreams.

Through our work together focusing on YOU, we will work towards a life of abundance not scarcity, liveliness not spiritlessness, pleasure rather than apathy.


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