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Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Crohn's and Colitis

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had IBD for years, navigating food and nutrition is a topic that is always there.

While specific diets work for some people and not for others, I find these Top 10 Tips are helpful for all of us.

10 Nutrition tips for IBD:

1️⃣ Eat what your body needs TODAY, as this may be different from yesterday or last week

2️⃣ Find and avoid food allergies and intolerances

3️⃣Minimize or avoid: sugar, processed foods, and food additives such as carrageenan, artificial sweeteners, sulfites and maltodextrin (harm the gut and contribute to inflammation)

4️⃣ Work with a practitioner to find and treat nutrient deficiencies

5️⃣ Hire a professional to work through your relationship with food if you feel food fear, anxiety around meals, or experience disordered eating

6️⃣ If you are avoiding trigger foods, there are plenty of substitutions! Vegan cheeses, cauliflower crusts, dairy-free ice creams, grain-free can still enjoy food!

7️⃣ Bring snacks and a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE! I meant it, everywhere

8️⃣ Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and breathe deeply to feel more relaxed as you eat and to aid digestion

9️⃣ Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Always😇

🔟 Be honest and communicate your dietary needs to your friends and family. They want to make things you will enjoy or go to restaurants where you can find food that won’t cause symptoms. Tell them and save yourself a lot of suffering!

I hope those tips are helpful for you and your journey!


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